Fond memories of Monsignor James. J. Cronin

I remember the faithfulness of Monsignor James J. Cronin (CR, Feb. 13).

Every Sunday after Mass he would be standing outside our church ready to greet us to smile and say hello or to share something funny that would make you laugh. Somehow he made you feel better. He excelled in lifting our human spirit.

St. Patrick’s Day was special because on this day he would be wearing his emerald green sweater, and I am convinced his quick wit and his good sense of humor was due to his Irish heritage, which was something he relished.

I remember attending 7 a.m. Mass in our chapel. Monsignor Cronin was the celebrant, however, when he entered the chapel, he told us to go outside and look up at the sky. Together we witnessed a spectacular sunrise. We returned to our places. Monsignor Cronin walked down the aisle and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass continued

I remember being at a Mass of Ressurection. Monsignor Cronin offered a eulogy for a man who was a good husband and father and a professional baseball referee, who was always fair in his calls and highly respected. In conclusion, Monsignor said, “and now you’re home safe.”

I want to expand on Monsignor Cronin’s words by saying. “Thank you, Monsignor, for sharing so much of God’s love with so many of us. Now. Monsignor, you’re home safe.”

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