Father Hurley talks about the future

Father John Hurley and the staff of Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Father John Hurley, a Paulist, has been a busy man since starting the Department of Evangelization five months ago. Through it all, though, the executive director of the department has made it his mission to be out with the people, particularly the teens so vital to the Catholic Church. He celebrated the closing BYCC’s Mass and shared some parting thoughts with the teens before they returned to their parishes and high schools. “I am ever more convinced that the future of the church is in good hands in the archdiocese,” Father Hurley said. “My staff has heard me say this over and over again and I will continue to say it over and over again, the youths are not the future of the church, but the future of the church depends on our youths.” He continued, “But, with that brothers and sisters comes a heavy responsibiity that we have shared and rejoiced in this week: the call to discipleship. So, next time you look in the mirror in the morning when you get up, rather than saying “Oh my God” say that “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ,” and maybe something profound will happen throughout that day. God has great things in store for us. Amen?” The 500-plus people in the ballroom responded “Amen,” resoundingly. Father Hurley extended an invitation to vocational discernment for the young people in attendance, pointing to two archdiocan priests, Father Austin Murphy and Father Michael Triplett as inspiration. “God does have amazing surprises for us,” Father Hurley said. He reminded the youths to follow history’s biggest hero. “I’m often reminded that Jesus invited 12,” he said. “One doubted, one betrayed and one committed suicide. Even because of all of that, you and I are here today. If it can happen to that lot of that pack of 12, and to Dismas, just imagine what can happen with 500 of us here this day. “

“Brother and Sisters,” he continued, “let us pray that God’s spirit be upon us because the kingdom of God is in our midst.”

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