Archdiocese of Baltimore

Embracing Our Mission

Campaign Overview

The Campaign for the Archdiocese of Baltimore Video

The role of the Archdiocese is expansive and constantly growing.  With a clear vision for the future, many significant needs have been identified.  Affecting people up and down the economic spectrum, the struggling economy has created many new challenges and accelerated existing ones, including lower enrollment in our schools, and an increased demand for spiritual and temporal solace.  This increased demand for services comes at a time when operating costs have risen exponentially and weekly offertory has declined.  These factors have added considerable strain on the Church’s ability to carry out its mission through key ministries.  Areas of particular concern include:

  • Maintaining affordable tuition and offering sufficient scholarship aid to poor and working middle-class Catholic familiesEOM Pie_3x3
  • Continuing to provide a values-based, community-oriented Catholic educationfor students from low-income families in impoverished areas of our archdiocese, including Baltimore City and Western Maryland
  • Developing advanced academic programs for Catholic schools across the Archdiocese that keep our schools academically excellent and desirable
  • Supporting the efforts of Catholic Charities and its service to those in need, including many new clients who have lost homes and jobs in recent years
  • Enhancing Catholic Charities’ ability to reach and assist children in need and senior citizens who require and deserve quality housing and care
  • Providing sufficiently for our retired priests who sacrificed and gave of themselves during many years of service to the people of our archdiocese
  • Identifying quality candidates to serve in the priesthood and educating them to serve the community of faith today, while preserving the gift of our Church for future generations
  • Providing meaningful and dignified ministry to vulnerable children or individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Maintaining churches and other parish facilities, as well as enhancing parish programs so they can continue in service to all God’s people
  • Developing advanced academic programs for Catholic schools across the Archdiocese that keep our schools academically excellent and desirable

Inspiring and Assisting Parish Communities

Parishes – $20 million

Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future recognizes the central role of parishes in the day-to-day life of the Church.  For the most Catholics, their parish represents the face of the Church.  Thus, the campaign is designed to support the important needs of our parishes and should prove successful with strong parish participation.
10While this is an archdiocese-wide effort with specific goals, significant funds also will be distributed to parish communities,
with additional support going to those parishes that have substantial needs.

These needs are widely varied and may include new construction or renovation of parish or school facilities for religious education, activities, and other ministries needed for a vibrant parish community.  Some parishes may use campaign funds to establish an endowment for parish operating support or tuition assistance for parish children attending Catholic schools.

Our parishes represent the “touch point” for our Faithful.  As such, we are committed to seeing that this campaign assists them in carrying out their mission of ministry to the people of our archdiocese.

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Embracing Our Mission

A Sustainable Future for Catholic Education

Archdiocesan Schools – $50 MillionEducation

The foundation for the parochial school system in the United States was laid in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1808 when St. Elizabeth Ann Seton opened a free school for children in her home on Baltimore’s Paca Street.  Since then, the Catholic Church has been educating children of all creeds and backgrounds in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Today, 70 Catholic schools provide a quality, academically excellent education rooted in the teachings of Jesus and dedicated to the advancement of every child through education.

One objective of Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future is to assert our rightful place as the standard-bearers for Catholic education in the United States by providing the financial support needed to realize the goals of the Catholic Schools’ Strategic Plan.  The Plan seeks to transform our schools by creating a system that meets the overall needs of today’s students and anticipates those of the children of tomorrow.  This plan consists of a number of factors including New Academic and Leadership Initiatives, Tuition Assistance, and Facilities Upgrades.

Building cutting edge academics
Expanding the traditional Catholic school program offerings to create more diverse educational opportunities is an important objective in revitalizing and improving our school system.

Fostering dynamic leadership
The Archdiocese of Baltimore, in a continuing commitment to provide exemplary professional development for teachers and administrators, has developed system-wide learning opportunities through workshops, seminars, and graduate education in collaboration with several institutions of higher learning.

Creating vibrant learning environments
The quality of school buildings and technological resources plays an important role in supporting the delivery of a first-rate education.  Our goal is to create a superior learning environment for our students.  This is a key component of the campaign.

Helping those most in need
Sometimes, it’s a choice between paying the rent or paying tuition.  In many homes across our archdiocese, this is the sad choice often faced by families that would prefer a Catholic education for their children.  Even with a scholarship, low-income families pay, on average, 60 to 70 percent of the cost of tuition.  Sometimes, these families leave our schools because they simply can’t afford them.  Ultimately, their children and the community at large suffer.

A campaign goal is to broaden the funds available to low- and middle-income families through annual gifts and endowments.

A Two-Tiered Approach
Our long-term objective is to establish an endowment to secure the future of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  However, in the interim, while this endowment is being established, there is an immediate need for funds to support our tuition assistance programs efforts across the Archdiocese.

Endowment – $25 Million Goal
Immediate Assistance – $5 Million Goal

A Mission to Help Those in Need

Catholic Charities – $10 Million

With 80 programs serving more than 160,000 people annually, Catholic Charities is the face of care and compassion for people most in need in our archdiocese and the largest private provider of human services in the State of Maryland.  Catholic Charities is committed to addressing social issues and the needs of those less fortunate, regardless of their faith.

In its constant dedication to creating a just society, Catholic Charities has identified specific priorities that will enhance the effectiveness of its mission to improve the lives of Marylanders in need.

Secure capital needed to complete the consolidation of St. Vincent’s Villa
Catholic Charities has for decades provided residential treatment for children with serious mental health needs at Villa Maria and residential care for abused and neglected children at St. Vincent’s Center.  Catholic Charities is now in the final phase of consolidating both residential programs at St. Vincent’s Villa.  This new program is a state-of-the-art complex with individual rooms for each child, as well as a group activity space including a gym, pool, arts and crafts room, and chapel.  Funding would provide for the construction of an appropriate capacity kitchen, laundry facility, and necessary offices to provide services for children and their families.Catholic Charities image

Improve Head Start facilities in the city
St. Jerome’s Head Start provides comprehensive child and family development services to over 325 low-income children and their families in south and southwest Baltimore.  The services are intended to enhance life for entire families.  Offering include a wide range of early intervention and school readiness services for preschool children, as well as parenting classes, and educational and employment readiness programs for their parents.  Grandparents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the educational lives of their grandchildren as well.  Funding would provide for an upgraded, more efficient facility, enhancing educational opportunities for the children and their families.

Expand rehabilitation services and elder-centric are at the Jenkins Campus
As the population of seniors increases, there is a growing need for quality rehabilitation services that hasten seniors’ return to their homes.  At the same time, there is demand for more elder-centric at the skilled nursing level.  Funding would provide the shifting, renovation, and expansion of space to make additional rehabilitation services available to both the residents of the entire Jenkins Campus and the local community in southwest Baltimore.  Funding also would support the development of additional skilled nursing care based on the person-centered philosophy of living already established at The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth’s Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on the Jenkins Campus.

Fund increased services at the Esperanza Center
The Esperanza Center in Fells Point provides a wide array of services for Baltimore’s immigrant population including extensive referral services, English language classes, legal services, and health care services.  The Health Care Center has recently adopted a Volunteer in Medicine Clinic model that will, along with other offerings, increase the number of individuals and families who need the welcome and assistance that the Esperanza Center provides.  Last year, the entire Center had more than  15,000 client interactions.

Archdiocese of Baltimore

Embracing Our Mission

A Commitment to Our Priests

Vocations and Retired Clergy – $10 million

Our archdiocese has been blessed to be served by countless good and holy priests throughout its history.  In spite of diminished numbers, our priests remain central to the life and mission of the Church and her people in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  It is therefore our responsibility to give of ourselves to ensure the future of our Faith by supporting those priests who are retired, as well as supporting efforts to attract the next generation of priests.

The Priests’ Pension Fund
The Archdiocese is committed to creating and endowment to support our retired priests as they have supported and cared for people and parishes of the Archdiocese.
VocationsLong-Term Care for Priests
Our priests are the fathers in our family of Faith.  The Archdiocese has been entrusted to provide for their care in the event of infirmity.

Vocations Programs
Our future lies in strengthening vocations to the priesthood.  The Archdiocese will build an endowment to enhance and support our seminary program.  Strong formation through seminary education of future priests represents a critical need in the effort to secure the mission and viability of the Catholic Church in our archdiocese for future generations.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Evangelization – $3 million

Central to the growth of our Faith is our Baptismal call to evangelization.  As part of this call as disciples, we are asked to embrace our responsibility to share the truth of God’s love and life.  Our duty also binds us to support those in key leadership roles who are instrumental in spreading the Gospel.  Through our commitment, the Archdiocese also can help those who may be struggling in their relationship with God.  Ultimately, it is our role to support the Archdiocese in its commitment to “Go and Make Disciples.”

New Training Initiatives
As more and more lay people assist in the leadership of parishes, they will need the proper professional and pastoral training to work side by side with priests to ensure consistency in leadership throughout the Archdiocese.  To that end, the Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing the needed leadership and services to develop effective approaches to evangelization, including a ministry formation certification program for theological and pastoral competency.

Enhancing and Strengthening Key Ministries
There is tremendous opportunity to spread the Good News through the works of justice, charity, and peace.  Our desire is to enhance and strengthen key programs in the areas of

  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Catechetical and Pastoral Formation
  • Prison Ministry
  • Deaf Ministry and Disabilities Ministry
  • Campus Ministry for Colleges and Universities

Implementing New Technology
Through greater use of technology, the Archdiocese of Baltimore and its parishes can be more efficient and effective in disseminating the Word of God while still maintaining the personal interaction that is the key to training, education, and teaching.  Initiatives such as developing the ability to simulcast speakers and training courses to multiple locations across Maryland will enable the Archdiocese and its parishes to make a more powerful impact in their evangelization efforts.

Preserving Our Landmark Places of Worship

The Cathedrals – $7 Million
The Archdiocese of Baltimore is blessed to have two historic cathedrals, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.  These not only serve as symbols of our Faith for every member of our archdiocese; they also serve those in their immediate communities as parishes and places of worship.  We are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving these rich treasures for future generations of Catholics and the community at large.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryCathedral
As America’s First Cathedral established more than 200 years ago,the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary holds a special place in the history of the Catholic Church in our country.  In its final stages of a 10-year restoration to its original design by U.S. Capitol architect, Benjamin LaTrobe, there continue to be substantial ongoing needs to maintain and preserve this historic, architecturally significant place of worship that Pope John Paul II called “a worldwide symbol of religious freedom.”

The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen
The Cathedral, once referred to as the “New Cathedral,” contains the cathedra or Bishop’s Chair, and thus serves as the Archbishop’s parish.  As such, it plays a central role in the life of the Church, hosting important liturgies for parishes and schools, and should be regarded by all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore as their Church.  Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, the Cathedral has begun to show signs of its age, and significant funds are needed to maintain the current campus, as well as to finance the renovations and repairs that ensure the preservation of this tremendous structure.

Embracing Our Mission

Capital Campaign News

Your Support Is Making a Difference

(February 2018)

Nearing the conclusion of its solicitation phase, the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future capital campaign has greatly exceeded expectations, garnering roughly $148 million in gifts and commitments compared to its original $100 million goal. EOM Pie_3x3 Over 34,000 individuals, families and organizations have joined together in support of this remarkable initiative, which, through its implementation, will help ensure lasting service to the communities we serve.

Of the $148 million raised so far, nearly half, or $71.3 million, has been received, which has been put to great use, enhancing our Archdiocese, our parishes and schools, and our social outreach and evangelizing ministries in the following ways:

  • $32.7 million in support of Archdiocesan Schools
  • $17 million for Parishes
  • $7.2 million in support of Catholic Charities
  • $7 million in support of Vocations and Retired Clergy
  • $6.2 million to the Cathedral Fund
  • $1.2 million in support of Evangelization

But much work still lies ahead, and with $76.7 million in commitments still outstanding, we are relying on you to help us finish the task.  If you have already completed your Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future capital campaign pledge, we thank you again most sincerely for your generous support.  If you have any questions about your commitment or this historic campaign, please call us at 410-547-5356.