Documentarian finds inspiration

This week, I have a story with film director Tim Watkins, whose documentary “The Blood & The Rose” will come out in May. 

It’s about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s mysteries and lingering messages. If you know a thing or two about movies, religous films are notoriously hard to sell. The Passion of the Christ is the exception, not the rule.

Watkins, though, believes Catholics like himself are called to spread the faith and that this story needed to be told. How the parishioner of St. John in Westminster got so passionate about his faith is an interesting story.

He  said:  “I owe my faith awakening to my now 16-year-old son, Brian, who was eight at the time. He’s on the autisim spectrum. Eight years ago, I started going to Mass daily during Lent because I was trying to find out the answers. ‘Why him? Why us’  I came ultimately to the realization that he was here for me. He’s my guardian angel. It’s the joy Brian exhibits. He only knows how to love. He doesn’t know how to judge. He’ll never hate.  I believe that’s somewhere in the Bible.”

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