Professional Consultants

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovation and Capital Maintenance Projects

Professional Consultants

All Professional Consultants providing service to the Archdiocese or any of its entities are required to provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE to the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the entity. All Insurance policies shall be in form, amounts and with such companies that are reasonably acceptable to the Archdiocese.

During the term of this agreement, the Professional Consultant shall maintain Professional Liability Insurance that will defend suits instituted against the Consultant for negligence arising out of work performed, and/or pay any damages set by a court, subject to policy limits.

Professional Liability $1,000,000

Consultants shall maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance as required by the Maryland State Statutory Requirements including the All States and Voluntary Compensation endorsements if there is more than one employee performing work within the scope of their expertise on site at an Archdiocesan location.

Each Accident $100,000
Disease – Policy Limit $500,000
Disease – Each Employee $100,000

Edwin F. O’Brien, Archbishop of Baltimore, A Corporation Sole, and (name of entity) as an Additional Insured.

“Should any of the above described policies be canceled, non-renewed or materially altered before the expiration date, the issuing company will mail 30 days written notice to the Certificate Holder named herein.”

The Certificate Holder is:

The Archdiocese of Baltimore
320 Cathedral Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201

An original Certificate must be on file with the entity prior to the execution of the contract. A copy of said Certificate(s) must also be sent to the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Office of Risk Management, 320 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.