Preliminary Analysis and Planning

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovation and Capital Maintenance Projects

Preliminary Analysis & Planning

If the situation warrants, the Parish will be asked by the DMS to compile and submit a Needs Analysis Report. This study must indicate the present and future needs of the Parish, and the present and future use of its buildings and property. This assessment should be a summary report.

The Needs Analysis Report should lead to the development of a programmatic spatial and site master plan for its buildings and property.

The DMS shall assign selected pre-approved consultants (architects, planners, etc.) to work with the Parish to develop these plans. A Project Manager (PM) from the DFM shall be assigned to oversee the third-party services and coordinate the plans with the Parish. Costs of services shall be borne by the Parish under standard AOB contracts.

The DMS may require an on-site meeting at the Parish to review the Needs Analysis Report and offer the assistance of AOB offices for the project(s). The Executive Director of the DMS shall then make a recommendation to the Archbishop.