Phase VI – Construction

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

After the contract is signed and prior to construction, a meeting of the General Contractor, all Principal Subcontractors, the Architect, DFM, the Pastor and designated Parish representative shall be held to review all aspects of the contract.

Progress meetings shall be held at least every two weeks at the job site with the Contractor, Architect, DFM and Parish representative. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded by the Architect and copies submitted to all present and interested parties.

Copies of all Change Orders shall be submitted to the DFM for its records. All Change Orders shall be documented and processed in a timely manner, following AOB policy with regard to approval. Any adjustments/changes to the authorized budget shall be approved in advance by the DMS.

Payments to the Contractor shall be made upon monthly requisitions in which the amounts to be paid are certified by the Architect and forwarded to the Project Manager. Ten percent shall be withheld from each monthly requisition until the project is substantially complete.

Professional fees shall be paid in stages as set forth in the agreement between the Architect and the AOB. Professional fees for construction administration shall be paid monthly.

Prior to AOB acceptance of the Work, the Parish, Contractor, Architect and DFM shall conduct an inspection of the Work and the Architect shall prepare a “Punch List” of all non-compliant work; the Contractor shall obtain all Use and Occupancy Permits; and the Architect shall issue the Certificate of Substantial Completion identifying the date on which the AOB was able to take beneficial occupancy and the Contractor Warranty Period initiation date for all satisfactorily completed work.

Prior to this acceptance of the Work, the Contractor shall submit all Operating and Maintenance manuals; shall train the Owner in the operation and maintenance of all systems; and shall submit to the Owner all warranties, permanent keys, and all special tools.