Phase V – Bidding

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

Bids shall be received and opened at the Parish, the School, the Catholic Center or other location approved by the DFM. Parishioners or related parties shall not bid on projects for their own Parish to avoid conflict of interest. Requests for exception must be submitted to and approved by the DMS.

The bids shall be evaluated by the DFM, Architect and Parish Project Team. The project shall be awarded to the lowest, qualified bidder. The ALC shall prepare for execution an agreement in quadruplicate using the appropriate amended AIA form for review and approval by the DFM.

Before the contract is signed, the DFM and Architect shall review the bid proposal in detail with the successful bidder to insure that everything in the specifications is covered by the bid. Copies of the executed agreement shall be distributed as follows:

  1. One original to the Pastor or Head of the Institution;
  2. One original to the Contractor;
  3. One original to the Archdiocesan Legal Counsel;
  4. One original to the DFM;
  5. One photocopy to the Design Team.