Phase IV – Construction Documents

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

With DMS approval, the design/development plans shall be expanded into construction documents (working drawings and specifications).

At the time the construction documents are 50 percent complete, the DFM must have the estimates of TPC updated, and documents and estimate submitted to the DMS for approval. One set of the contract documents must be filed with the DFM for review. Any changes identified during this review shall be forwarded to the Architect through the DFM for inclusion in the construction documents prior to soliciting bids.

The DFM shall identify not less than three bidders, who have agreed in advance to submit a bid if invited. The DFM will pre-qualify general contractors and certain principal trade contractors, (e.g. mechanical, electrical, masonry, roofing, etc.) for all Category I & IV projects. Contractors who are determined by the DMS to have discriminated in any way with respect to race, sex or national origin or to have failed to provide a living family wage reflective of the principles of social justice shall not be qualified to bid.

When the construction documents are 95 percent complete, the Architect shall submit a complete set of plans and specifications to the DFM for final review and approval prior to release for bids. Specifications shall include standard AOB General Conditions, Front-end Documents and form of contracts.

Trade packages shall include reference to any Corporate Purchasing Participants as identified by the DFM subject to the project requirements.

Construction Documents must include:

  1. Statement of the right to accept/reject any and all bids;
  2. AOB Standard General Conditions;
  3. Statement of Owner’s right to approve all principal subcontractors; and
  4. Requirement for Bid-Bond equal to 5 percent of the Contractor’s bid.

A pre-bid meeting shall be held by the DFM with the Architect and Parish for the benefit of all bidders to clarify the scope of work and answer any questions.

Contractors must furnish a Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Payment Bond in the total amount of the contract. The name of the bonding company must be submitted to the DFM and the Insurance Office for review and approval.