Phase II – Schematic Design

Policies & Procedure for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

The DFM shall select for consideration no more than three architects from the AOB-approved list using a Request for Proposal (RFP) method. The final selection shall be made by an interview committee chaired by the DFM and composed of the Pastor, Parish Building Committee Chair and two representatives of the ABC. The Architect’s services shall be secured using the standard AOB contract, reviewed by ALC and signed by the Archbishop.

Based on the approved spatial program and master plan, schematic drawings for the Work contemplated shall be prepared by the Architect. The DFM and Parish shall review these documents and schedule a review by the ABC. The Pastor must be present at the meeting at which this review is performed. Following DMS and ABC approval, and any necessary revisions, the project will be recommended to the Archbishop for his approval.

Required deliverables for this phase of the Work are:

  1. Design documents including the approved master plan, detailed site plan showing all existing conditions and restrictions, floor plans, and building elevations.
  2. Project Cost Estimate Worksheet prepared by the DFM in consultation with the Parish and Architect. An approved contractor may be used for estimating construction costs at this time.