Phase I – Master Plan/Feasibility

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

The DFM will select an architect (or architects) from an approved list to develop and complete this phase of the Work. After the necessary contract is prepared and executed by the Archbishop, the Architect(s) will:

  1. Meet with the DFM, Pastor and Parish Building Committee about policies of the AOB and the experience and expectations of the DMS.
  2. Develop a site plan showing existing conditions to include boundaries, land contours, zoning/development restrictions (e.g. wetlands, steep slopes, woodland, soils, cemeteries, etc.), all utilities (water, sewer, electric, gas, cable) and all existing improvements (buildings, paving, etc.) Special considerations such as historic designations must also be identified.
  3. Based on the Needs Analysis Report, prepare a spatial program for approval by the Pastor, Parish Building Committee and the DMS.
  4. Based on the approved spatial program, prepare a master plan of the entire campus for approval by the Pastor, Parish Building Committee and the DMS.
  5. A building condition assessment and a hazardous material survey, per OSHA requirements, must be completed for any/all buildings before any project is planned or undertaken.
  6. The ABC shall review and approve the final plan.