Facilities and Real Estate Capital Projects Information

Facilities and Real Estate Management
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Mr. Nolan McCoy, Director, Facilities Management
Mr. Doug Johnson, Project Manager
Mr. Matt Regan, Project Manager
Mrs. Christin Kinman, Project Manager Western MD
Mrs. Myrtle Wright, Administrative Assistant II
Mr. John Macsherry, Project Manager, Real Estate

Division Of Facilities Management

Real Estate Capital Projects Information

In an effort to streamline the capital projects request process, online request forms have been created. Please choose the link for the appropriate request and complete the required fields.

If you are submitting multiple requests, i.e. a capital project, capital campaign, and an IPLF loan all at once, each form must be filled out. There are hyperlinks to the appropriate forms if needed in each request form.

Prior to beginning the online process, if you have forms to upload, please gather them. These might include the following:

1. Case statement for a capital campaign
2. Business plan (this can be a pdf, .xls file, or .doc {palceholder})
3. Total project cost budget estimate. The link for this can be found here. Please complete this prior to starting your request so that you can upload this where required.

Forms may be completed by the following individuals with the appropriate titles including:

1. Pastors
2. Business Managers
3. Presidents (Schools)
4. Principals

At the end of each form, there is a confirmation page. Please print this for your records. If the request is for a parish or a school associated with a parish, the Pastor will receive a copy of the request and the Pastor’s email is required. For schools not associated with a Parish ONLY: In the field for Pastor’s email, please input the email address of the president of the school. If there is no president, the principal’s email should be entered.

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