Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovation and Capital Maintenance Projects


As required for project execution, the DFM will select the contractors most qualified to bid the project (based on qualifications, availability, etc.)

Conflict of Interest – Parishioners shall not be retained as consultants, contractors or subcontractors except for Category II with DFM approval. Specifically, any firm where a Parishioner holds a vested interest as an owner, officer, principal or stockholder shall be automatically disqualified from consideration. Employees who are Parishioners working at an otherwise qualified firm and who do not hold a vested interest in the firm shall not be cause for that firm’s disqualification for consideration. However, in the event that such a qualified firm is selected to perform the Work, those Parishioners that are employees in a management (project manager or superintendent) position shall not be used by that firm to perform the Work. Exceptions to this policy may be requested in writing by the Parish/School to the Executive Director of the DMS if consideration is in the best interest of the Parish/School and AOB. The firm must meet all standard qualification criteria.

Competitive bidding shall be required for all new construction and renovation projects in Category I, III or IV. At least three (3) competitive bids are recommended for Category II projects.

In some extraordinary cases, the Executive Director of the DMS may deem a project exempt from the need for competitive bids provided the Architect includes enough inform