Concept Approval

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovation and Capital Maintenance Projects

Concept Approval

Once written permission to proceed has been given by the Archbishop, staff of the DMS shall meet with the Parish to discuss AOB construction and fiscal policies and any specific stipulations. The following committees of the Parish shall then continue work on the project:

Includes the Pastor, and is typically composed of four to six lay Parish leadership or staff experienced in the programmatic requirements of the project or professional experience in the development, design or execution of buildings or building systems. The Building Committee shall work in consultation with the DFM in the selection of an architect from the AOB approved lists.

Work with the DFM to develop a broad outline of the tentative requirements together with a cost estimate. The Parish shall use the Project Cost Estimate Worksheet as a planning guide for the construction process. If the project is a renovation, the DFM must ensure that a qualified licensed architect makes a thorough assessment of the entire building to ascertain the soundness of all major building systems before proceeding. At this stage of the process, the DFM shall select a qualified architect from the AOB-approved list. This architect may be considered for the future development of documents for the total project.

Develops the Financial Plan (income and expense, and cash flow projections) to execute the project considering the institutionR