Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovation and Capital Maintenance Projects


Any architect performing work for the AOB must be approved by the DFM for all project categories.

Certificates of all insurance covering the Architect shall be filed with the AOB Division of Insurance with copies to the DFM for its records.

Any architect to be retained for programmatic, feasibility or site/space planning (master plan) studies shall be selected and assigned by the DFM from the pre-qualified list.

Any architect considered for Category IV projects must be selected from the AOB list of pre-qualified firms as established by the DFM. The DFM will recommend no more than three firms from the specific lists to be solicited by a Request for Proposal (RFP) and interviewed by a Project Selection Committee under the guidance and approval of the DFM for final selection. The Project Selection Committee shall be chaired by a member of the DFM and composed of the Pastor, Parish project chairperson and two members of the ABC.

A contract for specific services shall be executed upon selection and approval.

Any structural changes required to any property must be designed and inspected by a registered structural engineer approved by the DFM. Structural changes cover any modifications to the building/property that compromise the safety or integrity of a structure or site.

Renovations, modifications or additions to other major building systems (e.g., mechanical, electrical, roofing, etc.) must be reviewed by a qualified consultant before execution of any contract.

The Architect for any project shall comply with the AOB “Electronic Standards for Facilities Management and Design,” as established by the DFM.

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