Investigation by Archdiocesan Personnel

Upon receiving a report of Abuse, Neglect, or Misconduct with a Minor suspected to have been committed by Church Personnel, the appropriate Archdiocesan personnel are convened by the Director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection or a designee to assist in investigating and providing both immediate and on-going care and assistance to victims, their families, and members of the affected church communities. Investigations take place and pastoral care is extended whether the Abuse, Neglect, or Misconduct with a Minor was recent or occurred many years in the past. Because the Archdiocese cooperates with civil authorities, an Archdiocesan investigation of reports of suspected Abuse or Neglect by Church Personnel might be delayed pending investigation by the Department of Social Services and/or Law Enforcement.

When the Archdiocese investigates a report of possible Abuse by Church Personnel, the following guidelines apply. These guidelines may be modified as appropriate for the particular circumstances. They may also be used, with appropriate modifications, for reports of suspected Neglect or Misconduct with Minors or in instances when the accused is not Church Personnel but is associated with the Archdiocese or a Covered Entity (e.g., a student or parent of a student in a Catholic school, a parishioner, or a recipient of services).


The Director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection will be assisted by appropriate personnel