Catholic Relief Service’s videos of Haiti a year later

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti Jan. 12, 2010, Baltimore-based Catholic Relief Services was swift in its emergency response. People all around the world gave to aid CRS’ efforts. Catholic Relief Service’s Lane Hartill visited Port-Au-Prince two days after the earthquake and met people directly impacted. He  returned to Haiti in December 2010, 11 months later. That journey is documented below in several moving videos.  Just know that Catholic Relief Services is making an extraordinary difference and that Haiti must not be forgotten as the one-year anniversary of the earthquake approaches.

Be sure to read John Rivera’s account of Rubble to Reconstruction and visit the links of the left of the article.

What is a normal life in Haiti?


In addition, catch up with a soulful singer who captured the imagination of CRS workers. See her moving story, thanks to Lane.


Cholera, of course, is a major concern. How did CRS help and what is ahead?


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