Baffled by FOCA article

I am completely baffled by “Catholic health care is not threatened by FOCA” (CR, Feb. 5). The article reads like a pro-choice defense of FOCA. The main support comes from a Sister Carol Keehan (CHA president and CEO) who states that even if a federal law were to mandate that all hospitals provide abortion services, “Catholic health care will not close and we will not compromise our principles.”

What is she going to do? How is it not a threat if a federal law mandates abortions and you violate that federal law? Is she saying they will fight it in the courts? Is she saying the law will not affect hospitals?

Bishop Robert Lynch said “there is no plan to shut down any hospital if it (FOCA) passes.” So what’s the plan? Are Catholic hospital administrators going to go to jail or just allow abortion? If they allow abortion, they should not be called a “Catholic” hospital.

FOCA is a threat. Catholic hospitals may not be planning a shut down and they may be planning to fight the law in court, but I hope they are not planning to just allow abortion because the law says so.

Catholic Review

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