Archdiocese announces common start date for school

In a move Archdiocese of Baltimore officials believe will create a more cohesive school system, all archdiocesan Catholic elementary schools will open on the same day – Aug. 29.

Superintendent Barbara McGraw Edmondson said the decision to create a common start date is not only symbolic of the efforts being made to build a more traditional school system in the archdiocese, but it is also a change that will benefit families for years to come.

“We expect that over time our families, as well as teachers and staff, will view this is a benefit as they plan family vacations and other commitments,” she said.

School administration and faculty will report back to school Aug. 22 for a special convocation for all faculty and administrators, including those in independent Catholic schools. While the start date will be the same for all archdiocesan elementary schools, the rest of the academic calendar will continue to be set by individual schools. Independent Catholic schools set their own calendars.

The common start date is an outgrowth of the June 2010 Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools, which called for a number of changes to strengthen the archdiocesan school system. Other changes recently implemented include the formation of the Archdiocesan School Board and the development of a professional development program for school administrators.

Catholic Review

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