A butterfly in the bush would be worth so much more in the hand

When we planned a visit to John’s parents’ house today, I hadn’t thought about what we would do while we were there. There are always toys to play with and plenty of the boys’ favorite foods to enjoy.
But when John’s mother mentioned that her butterfly bushes were attracting a lot of butterflies, Daniel’s ears perked up.

Daniel ran for the backyard to see them.

This little boy has such a love of nature, and he thinks butterflies are absolutely beautiful. And, although he has already caught a “butterfly” once, he keeps chasing them in the hopes he’ll get to see another one up close.
When he saw that Grammy’s bushes were attracting some of the largest, most colorful butterflies he had ever seen, he was so excited.

He wanted me to hold him so he could try to reach them. When that didn’t work, he tried to inch closer and closer.
He loved seeing them, but he couldn’t get close enough to touch them.

And his latest passion is trying to catch a bird—even though he hasn’t come anywhere close lately.
But if I know Daniel, his quest will continue.

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