300 times

Friday’s blog was my 300th here.

That’s no blogging record, but it was still a surprise to me. When my first blog was posted here March 1, 2012, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Since then I’ve connected with so many wonderful people through this space, and I am so grateful to you for reading and sharing your experiences with me.

Reaching this milestone got me thinking about what else I have done 300 times.

It’s hard to say because some things—boarding an airplane, eating a steamed lobster, or riding a zip line—I have done very rarely.

Cooking chicken noodle soup, on the other hand, would be many more than 300 times, considering that’s our boys’ breakfast of choice.

And when I started adding up how many lunches I’ve packed for my sons, I started feeling dizzy. No wonder I will have trouble being creative as I fill the lunchboxes for the 528th time tomorrow.

I finally settled on a few things that I would guess I’ve done about 300 times:

–          Listened to the eighth track on the Star Wars CD John made for our sons

–          Complained about snow and ice

–          Explained that you can, in fact, adopt boys from China

–          Baked a cake

–          Fielded our children’s questions about heaven

–          Chopped onions

–          Read a Ninjago/Star Wars/Thomas the Tank Engine book the whole way through without actually understanding the plot, if there was one

–          Used candy to bribe our sons to take medicine

–          Sent a text message

–          Read a Jane Austen book/watched a Jane Austen movie

–          Mispronounced a Star Wars place or character name and been corrected by our 6-year-old

Not very wild and exotic, am I? Suddenly you’re wondering how I’ve found enough material to write 300 posts here.

Of course, I never set out to write 300 blogs. But on occasion I do set out to write seven in a row.

This week, purely coincidentally, I am joining my fellow Catholic Review blogger Patti Murphy Dohn at “God Is in the Clouds” to blog every day for Jen’s “7 Posts in 7 Days” challenge.

We have some exciting posts planned, so I hope you’ll stop by!

And tell me, what have you done 300 times in your life?

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