About the surveys

Every election year, the Maryland Catholic Conference surveys the state’s candidates for U.S. Congress, Governor, and the Maryland General Assembly on their positions regarding issues of interest to Catholics.

The responses of the Democratic and Republican primary candidates whose districts are in the Archdiocese of Baltimore appear on the grid below. (For the responses of candidates outside the archdiocese, click here.)

The candidates were asked to either “agree” or “disagree” with a list of issue statements. The indicates the candidate agrees with the statement. The indicates the candidate disagrees with the statement. A blank response means the candidate did not choose a position on that issue. Candidates were given the opportunity to provide a brief statement at the end of the survey on why Maryland Catholics should vote for them. Those comments are available on the Maryland Catholic Conference website: ­mdcatholic.org/elections.

Each candidate received the survey by email. Only candidates who responded to the survey are included. Non-responding candidates received the survey by email multiple ti