Discerning in High School

It is not too early to start!

Discover and Explore your Gifts

We all have different gifts and abilities. These are discovered when we do things that give us life. What are things that you enjoy doing? What do people see in you that they often affirm?

Attend & Serve Mass Regularly

Receiving the Eucharist, Jesus Christ fully present to us body, blood, soul, and divinity, is vital to living as a Catholic and pursuing a relationship with God. The central role of the priest is to offer the sacrifice of the mass. Partaking in the celebration of the eucharist is crucial to pursuing a life of holiness and discerning God’s will for your life. Pursuing ways to serve at mass, especially as an altar server, can help you be closer to the sacrifice of the mass to encounter anew the role of the priest in the life of the Church.

Cultivate Good Friendships

Good friendships are hard to find. In all stages of life, especially in high school, it is possible to find and cultivate good friendships. Pursue friends who see your potential and encourage you and challenge you on your journey with God. If you struggle to find good friends, ask God to place friends on your path who will help you become who God created you to be. Attend events where you know other faithful Catholic high schoolers will be so that you can meet new people in order to connect with other faithful young Catholics.

Attend Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis is an annual overnight retreat organized by seminarians for high-school men to help them on their path of Catholic discipleship. By participating in this opportunity, you will meet other high-school men who desire to pursue holiness and, by pursuing holiness, seek to discover their vocation. In addition, throughout the year, Quo Vadis days will be offered to continue to foster community and faith among high-school men.