Monsignor George Moeller

His Ministry Continues

Reverend Monsignor George Moeller was born in the Hamilton area of Baltimore and ordained in 1962. He retired in 2009, but his vocation continues. For the past ten years, he has resided at Mercy Ridge. Almost since the time of his arrival, he has celebrated Mass on a regular basis for his fellow residents.  

He sees it as “like being the pastor of a small parish.” Monsignor Moeller says, “I’m very happy here, not only doing religious services. I’m able to participate in a lot of activities. I do exercise programs four or five times a week and use the pool. Also, I’m with my fellow priests here. There are 16 of us at present.”

A self-described people person, Monsignor Moeller says it often takes him half an hour to get from one place to another because he stops to talk with everyone he encounters along the way.

In reflecting on his many years as a priest, he says, “Just to be able to help people and bring them the Lord’s presence and the Lord’s love, to me, that’s what it’s all about. I try to make the Lord present through my ministry and my administration of the sacraments.”