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Sister Dorothy Rachuba, SSND, taught in Baltimore Catholic schools for 60 years, dies at age 92  

Sister Dorothy first encountered the School Sisters of Notre Dame at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Highlandtown.
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Highlandtown parish plans July 23 refugee-themed ‘Way of the Cross’

The pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus-Sagrado Corazón de Jesús wants to alleviate fear in the immigrant community.
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In retirement, Fullerton parishioner keeps an eye on the heavens

Jim O’Leary spent 44 years as a senior scientist at the Maryland Science Center.
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Sister Jordan Marie Goeke, OSF, served at St. Joseph Hospital

The Sister of St. Francis of Philadelphia served for 11 years as assistant director of nursing services at St. Joseph Hospital.
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Camp GLOW smiles brighten Howard County parishioner’s battle with cancer

Even cancer couldn't keep Jane De Hitta away from her role as a companion at a camp for adults with disabilities.
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Catholic Charities program hones ability to secure substantive employment

St. Edward’s Workforce Development Center partners with Vehicles for Change on Baltimore’s west side.
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Blogs & Commentary

Charity in Truth

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Half-measures. Let’s be done with them, especially in this season when we continue to celebrate the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon his church.
Fifty years after men first walked on the moon, humans continue to seek something beyond us.

Open Window

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My sons and I went shopping one afternoon to find a few items for our beach trip, including a sun hat for me.

Faces of Faith

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Jean and Bill Schrider are active parishioners at Western Maryland's St. Peter the Apostle in Oakland who volunteer in hospice ministry.

Question Corner

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Regarding the feast of the Ascension, in most of the United States that celebration has been transferred to the following Sunday.

Word on Fire

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What is particularly sad to me is that the commentariat, especially in regard to religion, has become so polarized and ideologically driven that the most elementary distinctions aren’t made and the most broad-brush analyses are commonplace.

The Domestic Church

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As the first blossoms of spring transition into the vibrant greens of early summer, may we be open to the opportunities that lie ahead, recognizing that each of us can contribute to our family, our community, and our world in different ways at different moments.

Our Back Pages

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Gym Meet traditions include Mary Bartel, chairwoman of the Physical Education/Health Department, serving as faculty moderator for nearly 30 years.

The Narthex

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If there’s one thread that runs throughout the selected homilies, it’s courage.

Dust and Dewfall

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One of more profound memories from my priesthood involved a visit a few years ago with an elderly man in the hospital who was dying.

Baltimore Boomer

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You have to live in a cave not to know a family or three who have lost a loved one to the opioid epidemic,  but for me, the violence infesting and dragging down Baltimore has never hit closer.

The Catholic Difference

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The Pope Emeritus did the Church a service by offering a diagnosis of the abuse crisis that should be taken seriously by anyone serious about healing the wounds inflicted on the Body of Christ by the abuse of Holy Orders for wicked, self-indulgent purposes.

Behind the Headlines

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In 1969 he led the Diocese of Orlando, which included the launching pad for the historic Apollo 11 mission.

Fertile Soil

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Modernity is not a constant movement towards progress. Instead the modern worldview has a gaping hole right in the middle of it.

Guest Commentary

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“The most important goal of a single Catholic man is to get his soul to heaven," Zuerlein says, "but the most important goal of a married Catholic man expands to getting not only his own soul to heaven, but also those of his wife and children. It’s almost as if, as a result of the...

Wit & Wisdom

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On any given day, we may not remember all the things that Jesus said and did. But we do know that God came to be with us. That’s what really matters.


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A young super-speller tells his story.

A More Human Society

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The Mass July 8 will mark the sixth anniversary of Pope Francis’s visit to the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

World News

Forensic experts to study ‘thousands of bones’ found in Vatican ossuaries

During a search for the remains of a young Italian woman missing for more than 30 years, workers discovered an enormous number of bones inside two ossuaries in a building next to a Vatican cemetery.
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Northern Irish bishops accuse Britain of hijacking bill to allow abortion 

Abortion and same-sex marriage will be made legal in Northern Ireland unless self-government in the province is restored within three months.
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Being curator of meteorites allows Jesuit to ‘find God’ in all things

At the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo near Rome, Jesuit Brother Robert Macke finds his work as the curator of meteorites for the Vatican Observatory -- formally founded in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII -- allows him to, as the Jesuit saying goes, "find God in all things."
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Bishops’ actions at spring meeting called a ‘work in progress’

The gathering of U.S. bishops June 11-13 in Baltimore was anything but business as usual.
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Bishops approve third-party reporting system; to be in place by May 31

A nationwide third-party system for receiving confidential reports of "certain complaints" against bishops took a step closer to being implemented during the spring general assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
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Cardinal DiNardo calls bishops to be trustworthy like Barnabas

Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo focused on the feast of St. Barnabas in his homily June 11 during a Mass at the end of the first day of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' spring meeting.
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