Marriage & Family Life

Marriage is a loving, faithful, permanent union of husband and wife that mirrors Christ’s sacrificial love for us. Proper preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage develops the skills and attitude required for making a commitment that is free, fruitful and faithful. We want couples to be happily married … for life.

What We Do

The Office of Marriage & Family Life offers a wide range of services and programs

Entering the Sacrament of Matrimony

Congratulations on your engagement! Find out what you need to know and the steps you need to take to enter the sacrament of matrimony in the Catholic Church.

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Enriching Your Marriage

Today in our society it is increasingly difficult to live a Catholic family life and give witness to gospel values. We offer several excellent resources to enrich and support you and your family.

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Living the Gift: Passing on the Faith

A program that addresses one of the biggest challenges facing Catholic parents, families, and parish families alike: passing on the faith to our children.

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What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning or NFP is a nearly 100-percent effective, easy-to-learn, natural approach to planning your family.

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Featured Resources

  • Embracing God’s Plan for Marriage: A Scripture Study for Couples

    Popular author and speaker Mark Hart and his wife, Melanie, help illuminate the truths about married love with key Scripture passages and insightful questions for reflection and prayer.
  • Christlife

    ChristLife equips Catholics for the essential work of evangelization so others might personally encounter Jesus Christ and be transformed into His missionary disciples in the Catholic Church.
  • Legion of Mary

    The Legion of Mary is a wonderful way to be part of the new evangelization by works of conversion for those who do not know Christ, consolation of the sick and suffering, and conservation of the faith of the members of the body of Christ.
  • Mercy Now

    Mercy Now is a free quarterly resource for parish leaders. Includes articles, bulletin inserts, notes for catechists, a section for youth and/or youth ministers, and a column for parents.


  • John W. Romanowsky, Ph.D.

    Executive Director of Evangelization

    Dr. Romanowsky oversees the Department of Evangelization. He joined the team in July 2014, after serving as Associate Director of Faith Formation in the Diocese of Rockville Centre since 2006.

  • Edward Herrera

    Director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life

    Edward brings with him not only theological expertise and pastoral experience, but also a passion, vision, and creative approach to family-focused evangelization in the 21st-century.

  • Chris Mahaley

    Administrative Assistant, Prison Ministry, Office of Marriage and Family Life

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