French Catholic school had profound impact

In the early 1700s, Protestant settlers in Maryland had overtaken the Catholic settlers, and made the practice and teaching of the Catholic faith in the colony nearly impossible.
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French symposium focuses on religious freedom

When the government starts putting restrictions on the practice of the faith, the lieutenant governor said, it is good to keep in mind “why we have the Constitution and the amendments and the sacrifices of the Carroll family.”
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Masses highlight differences and connections between France and U.S.

As Archbishop William E. Lori and a small delegation visited this small northern French town in mid-October for a weekend of festivities, daily Masses highlighted the differences and the connections between France and the United States.
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Chapel re-opening in France marks ties to Carroll students

The Chapel of the Jesuits re-opening to the public, after a four-year renovation, was a cooperative effort between the town of Saint-Omer and the United States, especially the state of Maryland.
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