Pope: U.S., North Korea need diplomatic solution to escalating tensions

A diplomatic solution must be found to the escalating tension between North Korea and the United States, Pope Francis told journalists.
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True faith means loving others to the extreme, pope tells Egypt’s Catholics

The only kind of fanaticism that is acceptable to God is being fanatical about loving and helping others, Pope Francis said on his final day in Egypt.
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Tired of religious discrimination?

All believers should worry about policies that treat them as second-class citizens.
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Pope, Coptic patriarch honor martyrs, urge unity for peace

Pope Francis and Pope Tawadros walked in a short procession to the Church of St. Peter, where 29 people died and 31 were wounded Dec. 11.
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Unmask violence posing as holy, pope tells religious leaders in Egypt

Pope Francis launched a powerful call to the nation’s religious leaders to expose violence masquerading as holy and condemn religiously inspired hatred as an idolatrous caricature of God.
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Pope to Egyptians: Let papal visit be sign of friendship, peace

Praying that God would protect Egypt from all evil, Pope Francis told the nation’s people that a world torn apart by indiscriminate violence needs courageous builders of peace, dialogue and justice.
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