Shooting victim’s family grieve at Holy Family, Randallstown

Holy Family in Randallstown served as a police staging area Nov. 18 after a man shot his wife and locked himself in his home on Oak Trace Way, less than a mile from the church. The woman was flown to shock trauma from Holy Family after escaping from the home.

The man, identified as Terrence Joseph Wilson, was later found dead in the home.

Dennis Kast, Holy Family’s business manager, said eucharistic adoration was suspended in the morning and parishioners were not allowed on the property. About 15 family members gathered in the church to console themselves during the standoff, he said.

“It was good that there was a place of solitude and solace for them to grieve,” said Kast, noting that the family members were not parishioners. “The standoff’s over, but their problems have just begun.”

Kast said parish staff members prayed for the family.