Support for Post Abortion Healing

For more information about how to support this essential ministry, check out the Parish Community Awareness Guide under “Resources” at Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore.

Make resources available.

Booklets, pamphlets, prayer cards, and mini-posters are available from Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore or USCCB.

These can be left in your parish vestibules, in women’s rooms, and on tables at ministry fairs.


Spread the ministry to the community.

Leave business cards for Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore in public restrooms. 

Place ads in local papers.

“Like” Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore on Facebook

Encourage all of your friends to do the same.  This will help spread the message of hope and healing!

Advertise Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore retreats

Approximately 5 retreats are held annually by the Archdiocese chapter of Rachel’s Vineyard Baltimore.  Click here to see the schedule of upcoming retreats.

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