Prayerful Presence Hillcrest

Please join us out on the public sidewalk!

40 Days for Life may be over for now, but you can still save babies from abortion at Hillcrest – and spare their families and loved ones a lifetime of regret.

Abortions are performed at Hillcrest Clinic, 5602 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings from 8am-12pm.

We’re looking for prayer volunteers on these four mornings, especially on Saturday mornings – as this is the “busiest” day of all.

If you are willing to commit weekly or regularly to this prayerful presence, please contact, so that we optimize our coverage.   (Finding a last minute back up is easy: we have over 60 people on the substitute list.)

Just the sight of people praying saves lives… and souls.  Consciences are pricked, others learn the Truth for the first time.  Here’s what we’ve heard:

When I saw people praying, I couldn’t go through with it“…

Does it (abortion) really kill a baby?”…

I asked God for a sign” (whether to have an abortion or not) …

We came here (Hillcrest in Catonsville) because there were too many people outside (Planned Parenthood in Hagerstown)”

“I wish you had been here when I came for my abortion” (told us the exact date)…

“I didn’t think I had any other choice”…

“Now, you’re making me feel guilty…” (volunteered to two pray-ers kneeling near where she parked her car)

Where do I get the free (pregnancy test? sonogram?)”

“I told myself when I woke up this morning that if just one person tried to stop me, I wouldn’t have the abortion”

Faithful praying on the sidewalk during 40 Days for Life vigils and the continuous prayerful presence has resulted in:

  • numerous turnarounds – mothers who accepted the help of a local pregnancy resource center rather than going through with an abortion;
  • one Hillcrest employee leaving that place of despair and finding a new job (with the help of a prayer volunteer);
  • many women and men accepting information about the healing available after abortion; and
  • tremendous spiritual growth for the pray-ers on the sidewalk.

We pray for, not against, the mothers, their children, fathers, and the employees at Hillcrest.

Please take a few minutes to watch the videos below.  One is an overview of 40 Days for Life in Baltimore and the other contains all the logistics for the vigil.  Both are very applicable to the Hillcrest Prayerful Presence throughout the year as well.

Respect Life