One parish helps another

Michael Schleupner, parish corporator for Church of the Annunciation in Rosedale, poses with Father William Franken, pastor. (Courtesy photo)

Your support for the 2018 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is making great things possible. Take, for instance, the parishes of St. Joan of Arc in Aberdeen and Church of the Annunciation in Rosedale.

Like several other parishes in our archdiocese, St. Joan of Arc and Church of the Annunciation established a collaborative Annual Appeal partnership. These mutually beneficial relationships enable one parish to share its Appeal rebate with another, thus helping to alleviate a financial burden a parish might not be able to handle on its own.

In this instance, when Father William Franken, pastor of St. Joan of Arc, heard of Church of the Annunciation’s urgent needs for a new HVAC system in its church, along with roof repairs, he quickly decided this would make excellent use of St. Joan of Arc’s rebated Appeal funds.

“St. Joan of Arc wanted to assist Annunciation because it is both the right thing to do, and also, a way for the parish to respond to the Gospel challenge to help our brothers and sisters in need,” Father Franken said.

This generosity on the part of Father Franken and the parishioners of St. Joan of Arc could not have come at a better time, as Church of Annunciation is in the midst of marking its 50th anniversary this year.

“We are faced with replacing the church roof and upgrading the HVAC system,” said Conventual Franciscan Father Vincent Gluc, administrator of Church of the Annunciation. “I was very humbled when I received word that St. Joan of Arc Parish offered to assist the Church of Annunciation with its Archbishop’s Annual Appeal rebate. We are so grateful for the generosity of Father Franken and the wonderful people of St. Joan of Arc.”

Elizabeth Shaughney, manager of the Annual Appeal for the archdiocese, reaffirmed the importance of parish partnerships, and, importantly, the mutually rewarding relationships between a parish and its constituents.

“Through their generous support, Appeal donors are making it possible for parishes like St. Joan of Arc to meet their goals, including aiding other parishes,” she said. “In this way, when parishioners support the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, they end up helping themselves and other parishioners too.”

Development Department

Development Department

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