Secondary School

Complete! July 2011

The James M. Stine College is a private secondary school in St. Marc, Haiti. It welcomed its first students on October 3, 2011. The James M. Stine College offers quality secondary education to young women and men from the region and to those whose schools collapsed during the earthquake.

The Clercs de St. Viateur, a religious congregation of priests and brothers, direct the school. It currently serves nearly 500 students in grades 7 through 13.

Students of the James M. Stine College.


For Haitian children living in abject poverty, access to any school is extremely limited.

A large number of children enrolled in parochial schools of the Gonaives Diocese have received a solid elementary education and the number is growing. However, while in the northern part of the Diocese these children have access to a quality secondary education, the situation is very different in the southern region of the Diocese where the large city of St. Marc and a large number of small towns are located.

Current student performance on national examinations proves the quality of secondary education in the southern Diocese’s few existing schools is mediocre at best. In order to receive a fairly well balanced secondary education, students of the region who are economically capable have to be separated from their parents to attend school in Port-au-Prince where finding a host family is extremely difficult and costs for tuition, room and board are quite high. And now that a number of schools have collapsed in Port-au-Prince, there is a greater need. Therefore there is a need to have a school where the poor and intellectually capable students can receive a high quality education following completion of their elementary schooling.