Invocation in Observance of George Washington’s Birthday

O God of all the ages, we invoke your Holy Name
as we celebrate the birthday of our First President, George Washington
in this historic place graced by his presence.
We give you thanks for the courage and wisdom
in helping our nation win its independence
and in guiding it during its most formative years.
Enable us to honor his memory
by remaining true to the ideals
embedded in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights
and in the Constitution of this, our beloved State of Maryland.
Help us to see, as he did, the importance of religion and morality
for the survival and flourishing of democracy.
Give us the wisdom to strive for a unity that transcends narrow interests,
that seeks to protect the human life and dignity of all,
and that creates opportunities for all to use well and wisely their gifts and talents.
Help us to use well and wisely the abundant gifts you have bestowed
upon our Nation and our State.
We make this prayer in Thy Holy Name. Amen.