Inviting in the Angels

Allow me to share with you a nifty little angel trick, which works marvelously for me … inviting in the angels.

When I am on the way to someplace – could be anywhere: a party, coffee with a friend, a meeting, teaching a workshop, an interview, an event, group exercise, a family gathering – I invite angels to walk in with me, to join me in the situation; so as to experience – and enjoy – the ultimate time while there.

I swear it works! Each time I have asked them, the situation seems to flow flawlessly.

For instance, say I am facilitating a writing workshop. I would invite in the angels so that:

  • A good number of participants attend
  • I deliver my content easily and effectively
  • The two-hour timeframe is enough
  • I enjoy myself
  • I do a good job facilitating

Another example … while living in Florida as a snowbird January through March, I volunteer one afternoon weekly at a Visitor Center for a Chamber of Commerce. My first week of the three-hour shift was boring. I watched the clock. The director gave me nothing to do, and no vacationers had visited the office on a search for activities and brochures. I did not enjoy it.

So on my second week, on the way there, I invited the angels to go along with me, to be present that afternoon. And I had a terrific three hours of volunteering! Enough vacationers came in, the director assigned me a computer project, I met welcoming additional staff members, the time flew by, and there was birthday cake for one of them! I enjoyed it (the cake, too).

This nifty trick is effective especially during situations in which we don’t feel like participating. Last weekend I had attended a birthday celebration for a Florida friend. I didn’t want to go since I was too busy that afternoon around the house packing up to return to Maryland. I knew I wouldn’t know anyone and simply didn’t feel like taking the time to ready or obligate myself to be someplace at a specific time. Yet knowing I wouldn’t see my good friend for a while, and because I love her, obligation spurred me and I attended.

On the brief ride to the wine bar, I invited in the angels with me – and guess what? I had FUN! Turned out I did know several other guests, and those whom I didn’t know were extremely friendly and talkative. Plus, I made a new friend – a very happy and pretty lady, Christin (with ‘Christ’ within her name!). We clicked instantaneously, as if we knew each other already, and have remained connected via text and facebook since then.

Go figure. Those able angels certainly know what they’re doing, yes?

I challenge you to have a go with this angel trick, especially when on your way somewhere not especially appealing, someplace you didn’t choose, or a situation in which you are not looking forward to being there. (Life includes “obligations,” doesn’t it?)

I have discovered throughout my faith life how handy angels are; competent in numerous ways and in any episode; from the minor (finding a parking space) to the major (protection over a loved one in surgery). It is a matter of us chatting with them so they hear when we need, want, and require assistance.

Invite in your angels!


Suzanna Molino Singleton

Suzanna Molino Singleton

Suzanna Molino Singleton is a native Baltimorean and parishioner of St. Leo Church in Little Italy. A former staff correspondent for the Catholic Review, she launched her "Snippets of Faith" blog for the Catholic Review in June 2018. Suzanna is the creator of a weekly e-column, SNIPPETS Inspiration (since 2006), and the author of seven books, including Baltimore’s Little Italy: Heritage and History of The Neighborhood. Email Suzanna at