Girl Scout link to Planned Parenthood confusing

What a blessing young Theresa Hanntz of Metuchen, N.J., is to the prolife movement (CR, Feb. 8). However, it is not surprising to hear of the controversy her ideas created with Girl Scouts. It may not be widely known how connected GSUSA is to Planned Parenthood. An easy “Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood” search on the internet will reveals many articles about the relationships that exist. This is very sad, for an organization that began with such strong Godly roots to be affiliated with the world’s largest promoter and provider of abortion; and one that has such influence on our young ladies (in many Catholic schools). How confusing for the girls to receive such a mixed message from the program; promoting strong female leadership and an organization that does so much to harm women. The activities sponsored by Girl Scouts throughout the country are very disturbing; Girl Scout endorsements of a feminist conference given by Planned Parenthood including lesbian, gay, transgender issues, Girl Scouts partnering with Planned Parenthood sex education programs, Brownies (ages 6-8) leadership manual suggesting visits to Planned Parenthood clinics as acceptable option for “health education,” to name a few. This is a real problem as Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger professed on NBC’s Today Show that many troops have alliances with Planned Parenthood and that those relationships would continue. This is something that parents need to be aware of. Many of my friends with daughters have chosen to step away from Girl Scouts as this is a conflict of interest with their Christian faith. Many families across the country have opted for other character and virtue building girls’ clubs like American Heritage Girls (which began because of this issue) or Little Flowers (a Knights of Columbus sponsored program).