Forming Disciples

Because she believes in God’s universal plan of salvation, the Church must be missionary.
Catholics believe that God loves all people and desires the salvation of every single person. Salvation, of course, is found in Truth, in Christ who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Catholics — once they’ve come to know and embrace this truth for themselves — naturally find in themselves a desire to go out to the world, to meet people where they are at in their own search for truth, and to share the treasure we’ve found.

This is called discipleship, and this is the goal of our ministry.

We plan days of formation and prayer, promote competency in ministry, share best practices and support pastoral staffs in their work to advance the mission of Jesus Christ.

We would never ask a volunteer fire fighter to go into a blazing building without training. In the same way, we should never ask someone who steps forward to work with youth or with the elderly in our parish to “jump right in.” We want to provide the formation that sets them up to be successful in forming disciples, in ministering to the sick and dying, in reaching out to prisoners, and in sharing and living the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Equip for Ministry is a process of formation for those who are seeking to grow in competency in human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral arenas. We offer ministry specific courses, as well as courses that will help a person become well rounded in ministry. It is a way for each of us to grow in competency.

  • “Equip for Ministry”
  • Ministry formation opportunities
  • Hosting lay ministry days at the Mid-Atlantic Congress and other venues.