Sing joyfully to God our strength;
shout in triumph to the God of Jacob!
Take up a melody, sound the timbrel,
the sweet-sounding lyre and harp.
Blow the trumpet at the new moon,
at the full moon, on our solemn feast.

Psalm 81

Must I get permission to …

  • Scan or make photocopies of copyrighted music?
  • Print worship aids or programs containing copyrighted works for use in liturgies or prayer services as long as they are not sold?
  • Print song sheets with just the words to copyrighted songs?
  • Make a transparency, a slide or an electronic file of a copyrighted work for projection?
  • Make a photocopy of a copyrighted work for my accompanist in order to sing a solo?
  • Make audio or video recordings of worship services available on the Internet?
  • Make videos of worship services or special musical presentations?


… YES, you must request permission and/or secure licenses from the copyright owner prior to making any of the copies or duplications described above. Not to do so is unethical.