Instructions for obtaining Faculties in the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Your superior/provincial will need to send us this signed Testimonial of Suitability.  


In order for our office to be in compliance with the policies of the Archdiocese and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, there are a few items that need to be completed:

  1. Complete our on-line SHIELD the Vulnerable:   See directions for completing SHIELD.
  2. You will need to be fingerprinted. As of April 15, 2012, the Maryland Department of Public Safety will no longer accept paper and ink fingerprint cards, therefore, we recommend that you go to the Maryland Department of Public Safety, CJIS at 6776 Reisterstown Road to be fingerprinted (The Archdiocese of Baltimore has an account with them and there will be no cost to you). If this is inconvenient for you, you can go to one of the LIVESCAN sites. Please be aware they will charge you for the Scan. Print the LIVESCAN Pre-registration Application. Please fill out the top portion and take it with you when you go to be fingerprinted (It already has our Agency Authorization number on it).
  3. Fill out the Information Form.
  4. Send us a copy of either your driver’s license or passport.

Contact or 410-547-5550 with questions.