Spiritual Motherhood Society

SedesThe Blessed Mother is the epitome of maternal love to whom every disciple was entrusted at the foot of the Cross.  All priests are entrusted to Mary, the Mother of the High and Eternal Priest.  It is her example spiritual mothers follow.

Through prayer, sacrifice, and Eucharistic adoration, spiritual mothers support and sustain our priests.  Regardless of age or marital status, all women can become spiritual mothers for priests.

The characteristics of a spiritual mother include a commitment to prayer, an anonymous relationship with a priest through that prayer, and an openness to meet with other women in the group in order to pray as a community.  A spiritual mother offers herself to God, prayer and becoming a point through with an abundance of God’s grace might flow to bless the priest and sanctify his work!


The St. John Vianney Spiritual Motherhood Society meets year-round on the third Saturday of every month at St. Joseph Church on Belair Road.  A typical agenda includes:

  • Mass
  • Rosary
  • Meeting
  • Eucharistic Adoration


For more information about Spiritual Motherhood please contact Mrs. Tricia Baynes by clicking here for email or by calling 410-335-3181.