Part Two – The Archdiocese of Baltimore

Part Two – Archdiocese of Baltimore

2.1 The Office of the Archbishop provides comprehensive and integrated personnel services to the clergy. The Archbishop directly or through his delegate oversees the work of the Division of Clergy Personnel.

2.2 The Division of Clergy Personnel cares for all clergy and those in formation to be ordained.The Division has oversight of the Offices of Vocation, Diaconate, Priest Personnel and Retired Priests. The Division is directed by a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, appointed by the Archbishop and directly accountable to him. The Division may have several associates (e.g. Associate Director of Clergy Personnel, Vocation Director, Associate Vocation Director and the Director for Retired Priests). In addition to these associates, the Division has three assistants, two deacons who have been assigned primarily but not exclusively to assist in the formation of deacon candidates and one deacon who pastorally cares for retired deacons.

The Director of the Division is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the personnel system for the priests and permanent deacons serving in the Archdiocese. The Director is responsible for providing adequate staff assistance to the Priest Personnel Board, the Deacon Personnel Board and their respective committees.

The Director is prepared to cooperate with deacons in setting personal and ministerial goals. Upon request, the Director or his designee is also available to facilitate communication and/or to mediate conflicts.

Deacons wishing to exercise ministry in the Archdiocese, and parishes or institutions wishing to secure the ministry of a deacon, are to coordinate their efforts through the Division of Clergy Personnel.

Office of the Diaconate – The Deacon Personnel Board

The Board’s purpose is to serve as a resource to deacons in maintaining satisfactory and fulfilling ministry in the local church and to assist the Ordinary in personnel matters pertaining to deacons.

The Board serves as an advisory body to the Archbishop and his staff through the Director of Clergy Personnel regarding the utilization, assignment and policy affecting deacons and their families. The specific purposes of the Board are:

  • to be sensitive to the concerns of deacons and their families with regard to their status, functions, and welfare, and to facilitate communications and interaction between the Archbishop, or his representatives, and the deacons concerning such matters;
  • to recommend deacon assignments consistent with the pastoral needs of the Archdiocese and with the talents, training, and interests of the individual deacon;
  • to provide a recognized forum for the discussion of matters concerning the ministerial interests and welfare of the deacon and his family;
  • to represent the views of peer and area groups of deacons by recommending personnel policies, programs, and practices that will increase their effectiveness in ministry;
  • to recommend policies and programs that provide for the spiritual development and ministerial growth of the deacons;
  • to inform deacons of developments related to deacon life and ministry;
  • to collaborate with the Priest Personnel Board on policy and personnel matters of mutual interest.

The Deacon Personnel Board operates by its own constitution and bylaws which further outline its status and structures. The constitution and bylaws are in Appendix B.