Approved Organizations

The organizations listed in this section have met the following Standards:

  • In its major thrust, assists in carrying our the purpose of the Church in at least one of four ways: to proclaim the Gospel; to relate to each other as a community of love and faith (member to member) and in relation to other organizations and elements of the Church; assists and encourages individual members to work effectively on the parish, inter-parish or diocesan levels of the Church; and has concern through its own programs and/or support programs designed in the archdiocese to serve any one or more of these fields: marriage, family, youth, aged, handicapped, housing, health, hospitals, orphans, widowed, education, missions, public affairs, liturgy, vocations, liturgical art and music, or the needs of the poor.
  • It is not an integral part of the archdiocesan offices, parishes, or religious communities.