Boonsboro parishioner forms support group for foreclosure

When Christine Morral lost her job and then her home to foreclosure three months ago, the St. James, Boonsboro, parishioner was initially hit with feelings of depression. But with the support of her husband, Scott, and her pastor, Father Steven Hook, Mrs. Morral began to realize it wasn’t the end of the world.

The 37-year-old is now reaching out to others who are in the same predicament she faced. Through the South County Ministerium, an ecumenical outreach group that includes St. James, she is forming a support group for people in the Washington and Frederick County areas suffering foreclosure.

“I think when people go through something like this, they believe their life is over,” said Mrs. Morral, who wasn’t able to keep up with her mortgage because she lost her job as a realtor.

“That’s where faith comes in to help you realize that this is a temporary situation that doesn’t define your life,” she said. “You can get through it.”

Mrs. Morral, who now rents a home with her husband, said she personally knows two close friends and an acquaintance who have gone through foreclosures. She believes there are many more out there.

“It could be your next-door neighbor and you’d never know it,” she said. “We don’t realize the severity of the situation.”

Mrs. Morral hopes the support group will help others recognize that help is out there. She plans to bring in guest speakers to provide legal advice, counseling and foreclosure prevention assistance.

“We want to gear it to the actual needs of the people in the group,” she said. “Our goal is empowering people through faith to seek and use the resources available to them.”

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