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Gianna Sullivan

Statement concerning Archdiocesan action regarding alleged apparitions to Gianna Talone-Sullivan in Emmitsburg, Maryland

Update: See the June 7, 2003 Decree – Adobe Acrobat Format On Friday, September 8, 2000, Archdiocesan officials met in Baltimore with Mrs. Gianna Talone-Sullivan to inform her that the Church found it impossible to permit, in a Catholic church, the continuation of prayer services centered around apparitions she alleges to experience with the Blessed...
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Archdiocese rejects visions in Emmitsburg

Responding to an apocalyptic posting to a Web site by Dr. Gianna Talone-Sullivan claiming that the Blessed Virgin Mary told her of an impending worldwide disaster, the Archdiocese of Baltimore released an Aug. 29 statement reaffirming its position that Dr. Sullivan’s alleged visions “are not supernatural in origin.”
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