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Economic Stress

These are uncertain times.  Banks are failing, Wall Street is reeling, and the cost of just about everything seems to be through the roof.  Talk of bailouts and mergers, record declines and a looming recession...has much of the nation in a frenzy of uncertainty and worry.  Understandably, many people, when not peeking through their hands at their investment account statements, find themselves taking inventory these days.  This local Church is, too.

Though the uncertainty of the economy has prompted all of us to review our financial state, we also have a responsibility - one rooted in sacred Scripture and in our own Church teaching, to our sisters and brothers in Christ.  In these especially difficult economic times - when people have lost jobs and homes, are under tremendous debt, and are struggling just to meet their basic needs -- we must be reminded of our responsibility as Catholics to be aware of our own situations, our own family's situations, but also that of others.  As someone once said of our duty as Catholics to help others regardless of denomination, "we do so not because they are Catholic but because we are."

Archbishop Edwin O'Brien
Taking Stock
The Catholic Review


Because we are Catholic, during this time of uncertainty, we must be able to be responsive to the needs of our communities.

Toward that end, The Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is offering the following resources:

along with the following resources for pastoral care.


What is Depression?  What are the signs and symptoms?  NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) has created this excellent reference in regards to depression.

Un folleto detallado que describe los sintomas, causas, y los tratamientos para la depresion, con informacion sobre como conseguir ayuda y sobrellevar la enfermedad.

Talking to kids and teens about the economic crisis

Stress and the Family