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Admission Requirements

The following requirements must be achieved prior to acceptance into the four-year formation program.

Personal Requirements

You must:

  • be a Baptized man who is Confirmed;
  • be a Roman Catholic for a minimum of 6 years;
  • be an U.S. citizen or a legal, permanent resident at the time of admission with a working knowledge of English;
  • be at least 31 years of age at the time of admission to the program;
  • be less than 60 years of age at the time of ordination;
  • enjoy good physical and mental health with no condition which would impede diaconal ministry;
  • have successfully completed high school and be able to handle the college level course work;
  • possess financial security with a history of steady employment in a position that does not require frequent travel or reassignment (deacons in the Archdiocese of Baltimore do not receive financial compensation for their ministry);
  • be a registered parishioner within the Archdiocese of Baltimore;
  • possess stability in your life regarding career, family relationships, etc. which is in concert with the Church’s values; and
  • be willing and able to commit a significant amount of time, energy, and effort to the Deacon Formation Program.

Family Requirements

  • For those who are married, you must be married at least six years and live in a stable and valid marriage, enjoying the full support of your spouse, and become celibate if your wife precedes you in death;
  • For those who are single, you must enjoy a stable settled life with a history of healthy relationships, and understand the implications of the charism of celibacy;
  • enjoy a good reputation within the community;
  • be able to give the time required for study and service without detriment to your family.

Ministry Requirements

  • be willing and able to make a life-long commitment to serve the Church of Baltimore as determined by the Archbishop of Baltimore;
  • be willing to promise obedience to the Archbishop of Baltimore and be willing to accept any pastoral assignment that may be given to you by the Archbishop;
  • be presently active in the Church and be recognized and accepted as a leader within the community; and
  • be highly recommended by those who have worked with you in ministry and can attest to your potential to be an ordained minister in the Church.
  • The Formation Team highly encourages all applicants to participate in the Equip for Ministry curriculum offered by the Archdiocese of Baltimore prior to or during Aspirancy (Two highly recommended core courses are: Theology for Ministry and Servant Leadership in the Church).

* The Deacon Formation Team will consider equivalencies or exceptions for any of these requirements.