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2012/13 Superintendent's Address

2012/13 Superintendent's Address

August 20, 2012
Dr. Barbara Edmondson

Today we gather to celebrate the ministry of Catholic Education and to honor and thank all those who have answered the call to teach – for there is no greater vocation than the formation of our children – who like each and every one of us is created in the image and likeness of God.

The students whom we serve fill our lives with grace for by their presence we are invited to encounter the Divine. Just look at the beauty of the faces we see here today – these images represent a tapestry of young people who belong to our schools and to our communities. Each brings his or her own experiences, strengths and challenges. Each yearns to grow, to learn, to be recognized, to be encouraged and to be loved. Each is a gift – a package waiting to be unwrapped.

Parents Choose Catholic Education for Many Reasons

They come because Catholic schools set high standards for students ...
Let’s aim higher.

They come because our students score in the top third nationally on standardized tests ...
Let's aim higher.

They come because 97% of our students graduate high school ...
Let's aim higher.

They come because 95% of our students go on to a four year college, many with abundant scholarships and awards ...
Let's aim higher.

They come because we educate all kinds of minds, honoring the gifts of all even those young people who have special learning needs.

A visitor to the Archdiocese of Baltimore website would be welcomed to the Catholic schools homepage by this vision statement, “Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore nurture and sustain the God-given gifts of every person, especially students, to be used in service to the Mission of Jesus.”

Yet, today is Catholic Schools across the nation and in the Archdiocese of Baltimore there are students with special needs who are under served – who because of their exceptionality do not believe there is place for them in our schools ...
Let’s aim higher.

And most importantly, they come to our schools because they admire teachers who are committed to their vocation and to the mission to educate and to form young hearts and minds even those who learn differently and who challenge each of us to think differently as we embrace and celebrate this God-given tapestry of love created in His image and His likeness.

Let today be a day of reflection, affirmation and recommitment. May you realize the role that you play in the legacy of Catholic schools and the Archdiocese of Baltimore where pioneers like Mother Mary Lange and Elizabeth Ann Seton put aside conventions and despite the odds simply found a way to make a difference in the lives of the young people whom they we were called to serve.

May your day be blessed – may the Lord touch your heart and inspire you as you begin this new school year.