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Student Homework Link

  • Awesome Library - organized the web with 24,000 carefully review resources, including the top 5 percent in education. This site is for our very youngest to college age students.
  • Desk Reference - this site claims to be the single best source for facts. Scroll through the myriad of links for up-to-date information on most, if not, all subjects.
  • Education Place - click on Kid's Place and access kids' games and activities for math, reading, language arts, social studies and more! Click on Parent's Place and access activities and resources for parents, caregivers, and homeschoolers who want to help their children excel in school.
  • Great Web Sites for Kids - a directory of website compiled by the American Library Association
  • HighLights - travel to this site and click on Highlights for children and discover hidden pictures, crafts, stories and lots of fun online.
  • B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - from
  • Homework Helper - published by; offers homework assistance for all grade levels.
  • Newspapers - this website presents International, National, College, Religious and many, many more newspapers for your viewing.


  • HyperGrammar - from the University of Ottawa
  • Scholastic - go to this site and click on Kids FUN Online and view the various games, contests and books for students.


  • Hyperhistory Online - site focusing on world history; endorsed by the History Channel and the Discovery Channel

Math & Science

  • Exploratorium Science - website from the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception; one of the first science museums to utilize the web as educational tool
  • The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math - question and answer service for students and teachers
  • Discover - website of Discover magazine. Site offers a scientific look into our past and future.
  • National Geographic - this site is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Meet explorers, participate in a National Geographic Bee, travel with experts and learn about your world.
  • PBS - this site is geared for our younger students. Explore by clicking on your favorite characters from Arthur, Clifford, Dragon Tales, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Sesame Street to Teletubbies and more. Enjoy exploring Africa and read about how things were in the past, etc.