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James Stine Tour

The James Stine dedication takes place at the end of this month. Until then, we want to give you an up close experience of the school in Haiti.

The grounds of James Stine are equipped with everything the students or staff would need to provide the complete educational experience. The grounds are complete with:

  • Cafeteria with receiving line
  • Library
  • Computer lab
  • Bookstore
  • Two Chapels
  • Science lab
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Medical and Dental offices
  • Offices for the Receptionist and Principal
  • Volleyball and Basketball courts
  • Soccer Fields

The current library is stocked with French books to cover every subject, which students have access to at any time.

The athletic fields are used for the sports teams to practice during and after school, and the multi-purpose room is used for school assemblies and as a meeting ground for the student government.


Photo Tour