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Cardinal O'Brien's trip to Haiti

"Officers eat last," was the message Cardinal-designate O'Brien gave to James Stine students and the people of St. Marc at the dedication ceremony last month. He told a heartfelt story from his military years about putting others first to be successful. Cardinal-designate O'Brien's speech inspired the students to use their education for service.

Two years ago, Cardinal-designate O'Brien provided funds to help with construction of the school. I was moved and honored by the presence of his Eminence at the James Stine dedication. From the very beginning, he supported our mission in Haiti. He deserves a special thank you.

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This was Cardinal-designate O'Brien's first trip to Good Samaritans School and James Stine College to see what his continuing support had helped accomplish. While in St. Marc, Haiti, he toured the schools and met with students, parents, and staff.This upcoming weekend, I will be in Rome to be a part of the celebration of his induction into the College of Cardinals. The Archdiocese of Baltimore will miss him dearly.

Just as Cardinal-designate O'Brien said during his homily, "I know I am preaching to the choir. We plant the seed, God does the rest."

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